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2016 FIT Quota for Residential Available Soon

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How to Make Money from Home Solar Energy  It is very Easy!  It will help you to generate a consistent cash-in-flow for the next 21 years starting from 1st December 2011. Very low capital outlay option available, starting from RM0. Contact Us Today and find out more. Free online professional consultation with no obligation.

Take advantage on the Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) Now !! Limited quota (budget), base on first-come-first serve basis. Early participants will get Higher Returns (higher FiT rate), starting from RM1.75 per KW with a 8% degression every subsequent year.

Be part of Renewable Energy / Sustainable Energy / Green Energy Drive  You can be part of the Carbon Footprint Reduction effort by simply joining Us either as a Referral Agent, RE Developer, Supplier, Contractor and/or Consultant. And, at the same time making Passive Income from an "idle rooftop" .

Generate Solar Energy using Solar Panel (Photovoltaic panel)  Solar Energy is the Greatest gift (clean source of energy) to mankind and it is not been fully harnessed in Malaysia. Now that the Malaysian government is encouraging the Renewable Energy using Solar PV, it is timely for Us to Act immediately.

Contact Us to find out how Home Solar Malaysia can assist you in generating this Feed-in-Tariff through Solar Power (Solar Electricity generation).


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If your answer to Both questions above is YES.  Contact Us Now. It is Easy Money.

You don't have to do ANYTHING. Our team of professional consultants will  arrange  EVERYTHING  for You. The more landed properties you own, the more $$$ you will make.

Contact Us Now and Start To Generate Passive Income $$$ from your Rooftop !!!


 ? Why Us ? Because we understand You better . . .

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Sq 1  You want the Best Advice from Experts in the industry covering the technical part, legal part and products support.

Sq 1  You want the Best Deal in town (value for money and widest choice) but don't like to run around the whole town searching for it!

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We understand You want the Best of Everything in the Shortest Time. . .

Don't worry! We understand your situation. For that reason and also to encourage the Renewable Energy Drive, HomeSolarMalaysia is incorporated to serve All.

We have the Best Solutions for You under Our Roof! We are the One-Stop Centre for Home Solar Energy generation. We have the best pool of expertise with us giving You the Best Advices from the widest range of Solar PV products, sharing with you the latest technical and legal aspects of FiT, giving You Best Services, Warranties and Guarantees.

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Star 1   13 Benefits Why You Should Act Now ....... 

TU  1. Make Passive Income from a Sleeping Asset  We will show you how you can generate Monthly Passive Income from your rooftop through the Solar Electricity generation and selling it to national utility company, TNB and make good $$$ Money everymonth. You are actually maximise a sleeping asset, your rooftop, to make money.

TU  2. One-Stop Centre Home Solar Electricity We are a One-Stop Centre providing Hassle-Free Solutions to your Home Solar Electricity generation !! Shop no more, we have all the answer for your queries.

TU  3. 100% Free Online Assessment  We provide Free Online assessment on eligibility without any obligation. Contact us or leave your details with us today.

TU  4. 100% Free Professional Consultation  Our Professional Team will provide Free Consultation at site within 24 hours of notification from us. This will includes advice on the suitable Solar PV module package for your home/premises. We also provide advisory on financial and tax related matters in respect of investment in solar pv system.

TU  5. 90% Financing  Alliance Bank had on 16 June 2013 announced 90% financing for solar pv investors. Our Consultant will advise on the Financing Packages and Options  available.

TU  6. 100% Warranty  Manufacturers/Suppliers/Installers will give Warranty on Solar PV modules, inverters and workmanship. Warranty may differ from one manufacturer/supplier/insaller to another.

TU  7. 100% Guarantee Buy Back   National Utility Provider, TNB or SESB, will sign a Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreement (REPPA) with you to Buy Back 100% the Solar Electricity generated. This Agreement is subject to the terms and conditions set by TNB.

TU  8. Full Maintenance  We will sign an Full Maintenance Contract (optional) for all products purchased, subject to terms and conditions.

TU  9. Increase Your House Value  By fixing the Solar PV panels on your rooftop, your house value will increase as the REPPA can be novate to the new buyer in the occasion when you sell your house.

TU  10. You will be part of the Green Energy / Carbon Footprint Reduction You will be playing your part in the the Green Energy Drive and Carbon Footprint Reduction Drive in Malaysia towards achieving the desired target set by our Government by 2020.

TU  11. You Can Prevent Climate Change  As Solar Energy is a 'clean'resources like the wind and sun/daylight, it creates less pollution overall. As this energy is replacing the "fossil fuel", it will directly reduces the emmission of CO2 which is detrimental to environment, hence prevent climate change.

TU  12. It is Renewable and Sustainable Energy As it is a Renewable Energy, it will tends to be more sustainable in nature.

TU  13. You Will Be Potentially Self Sustained  One day, from the income that you generate from the Solar Electricity, you may be able to generate enough for self sufficient and self sustained. 

With new government incentives for home solar electricity  generation,  HomeSolarMalaysia has led the way in creating completely new ways for more homeowners to have solar PV at cheapest cost.

 Contact Us  And start making $$$ Money !!!


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It is FREE to Join Our Network Today. By joining Our Network, we will keep you posted on the latest development in relation to the home solar elctricity generation, on issues related to Green Energy, Renewable Energy and also the environment in general. 

You can choose One or More of the category below depending on the role you want to play.

TU  Referral Network  Everyone can register with us to become part of our referral network and earn commission by referring customers to us. (Terms and conditions apply)

TU  Suppliers' Network All reliable local and overseas on the Approved List of Manufacturer of Solar PV modules, Inverters and related products can register with us.

TU  Installers'/Contractors' Network  All qualified and Approved PV Installers and Service Providers can register with us. Please email us full company information, including company's address location (which state) for our easy reference.

TU  Consultants' Network  All Qualified Professionals on Home Solar Energy / Solar Farm both On-Grid and Off- Grid are welcome to be on our panel of consultants.

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All investors who purchased a set of solar pv system (min. 4kwp) from us and succesfully obtained approval from SEDA for their FIT application within the campaign period will be entitled to a unit of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. (or equivalent product of the same value).

Apply to selected panel brand only. Subject to others terms and conditions.

Limited to 30 units only. First Come First Served. 
Do Not Miss This Opportunity!! 
Going Green and Going Trendy at the same time!!  
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